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CZ Bind Maker is a little tool to help you make buy scripts and edit certain configuration settings. It's not, is a "be all" scripting tool (at least not the 1x version. version 2 will at least try) just yet. The program was/is written using C#, and as such needs Microsoft's .NET runtime libraries to run--it is available for download, both as a stand-alone install, and bundled with Bind Maker. Both the program and source code for the application are available for download here and are released under the GNU Public license.

Counter-Strike and Condition Zero use what is known as "Buy Scripts" which allow a player to purchase any and all equipment armor and weapons with the press of one (or more) buttons. Normally players use "Buy Menu's" and "Equipment Menu's" to navigate through their inventory and purchase items at the beginning of each round. Most game servers allow a little time at the beginning of each round for players to purchase such items, but some do not. In any case, being able to press single buttons to purchase one or more items can be useful for the impatient.

There are a lot of very talented scripters that write pre-packaged "buy scripts" for Counter-Strike and Condition Zero. These packages install special menus into the game to enable one to make custom buy scripts in game. Bind Maker intentionally does not integrate into the game so as to leave the game with its "stock" or standard look. The reasoning behind this is that, if you were to create binds and aliases in game, they would be written to your configuration files and your menus and general "look and feel" would remain unchanged. Bind Maker reads directly from these configuration files (and conversely writes directly to them) to do what it does.

The Official Version of Bind Maker which is available here will not at any time install any files onto your computer which could jeopardize your standing with valve (Valve's Anti-Cheat System). All distributions found on this website have been digitally signed to ensure the security and authenticity of the application. If you download this application from other websites, We cannot guarantee the legitimacy of the application, nor your safety in using it (as the source code is available for download, anyone can create a wares version which might not be safe). Many sites deep link into this site to distribute the application... this method is the one recommended by the author of the application.

Some have asked whether scripts generated by Bind Maker are considered a "cheat?" Others have asked whether scripts will get them banned (VAC'd). Valve has said time and time again that "Scripts don't get you banned. Period. Thre is nothing you can type in to the console that will make you get banned." (the misspelling has been intentionally left in from the referenced post). bind maker generates text which can be created in game just as easily, and can be typed into the console during game play to achieve the same results. There is nothing which Code Zulu Bind Maker does that is or ever will be considered a "cheat" in the eyes of Valve. Scripts can be controversial on certain servers depending on those who run or maintain them. Some server admins do not allow use of a sniper rifle, or riot shield, and some would frown on the idea of a buy script. To this I would have to say, "Follow the rules of the servers you play in." If they aren't allowed, don't use it.