How to use CZ Bind Maker

(For version 1.0.x)

Current version of the users guide can be found here.

Table of Contents

  1. Creating Custom Binds and Settings
  2. Editing and Removing Binds with CZ Bind Maker
  3. Creating Custom Binds With CZ Bind Maker

Creating custom Binds & Settings:

Step 1: Steps 1 and 2 are interchangeable obviously.

Select a key to bind and click it:


Step 2:

Select the items you want to bind to that key (as many as you wish)


Step 3:

Press the “Add Bind” button... Repeat steps 1-3 as many times as you wish.


Step 4:

Configure the settings the way you want them.


Step 5:

Press one of the many “Save” buttons to save your binds/settings


Your Settings and buy scripts are saved. You can exit the program and frag away with your new buy scripts and settings.


Editing/ Removing Binds:

To edit binds currently in your bind list, highlight the bind you want to edit and press the right mouse button. select the delete the bind option and create another set of binds for that key.


Adding a Custom Bind: UP: Return to the top

You may have noticed this little item below the current binds list and buy/config tabs. It is for creating custom binds. Future versions will include "Say" "Team Say" and "Radio Commands" but for the sake of our demo here, we'll use some of these to create binds that aren't listed here. 

Click on the text area which reads bind "key" "command"... after you click on it, the text will dissappear. You can then type: bind "=" "roger" and it will bind the radio command "Roger that/ Affirmative" to the ='s button.

This allows those who are experienced scripters the ability to insert custom binds directly into their config file without having to open it up and edit it by hand.

When you've written your bind, either press the enter button or click the Add Bind button to add the custom bind to your current binds list. The custom bind will be written to your config file when you save... That's it.