Bind Maker v1.1.7 Released

Bind Maker 1.1.7 has been released.

embedded web browserIt features a new embedded web browser to display html help documentation that ships with the app.

The most significant piece that has been added to 1.1.7 is what has been added for Vista and Windows 7's User Access Control.  Previously  Bind Maker hasn't been able toUAC request dialog request the necessary elevated permissions it needed to run, but now it does.  One should note, that if you're not running as an administrator, and you've disabled UAC, you will still need to modify the shortcut for Bind Maker, and run the app as an administrator in order for it to run successfully (UAC automatically elevates privileges appropriately, and when its not running, you have to do it manually).

We've also updated the installer (re-located the pre-1.1.6 installer) to match the 1.1.5 installer (packaging), so that it will upgrade your previous installation (supported upgradable versions are 1.1.6,, 1.1.5,, and 1.1.4, just because that's about the time we started using windows installer).

So head on over to the downloads section and grab it today.